Let’s talk about food!

Hi there! So here we are starting this journey together! I am so excited because I love sharing my thoughts and opinions about food, health and life, and I know some of you have been waiting for this place to share yours too! This is going to be a place for all of us. For me to share, for you to share, find information, inspiration, ask questions, make comments and use resources.

I want to let all of you know this is a nice place too. There will not be any nasty comments, no foul language or calling names. This is a nice place to discuss awesome things! I also want to say, there aren’t any stupid questions. If you see a post about something I make or do, don’t ever hesitate to ask “hey Alexa why do you do that?” because not everyone knows and I want to give as much of my story and explanations as I can!

Im going to talk about the things I do every day. I’m going to be honest, this isn’t pretend. I’m not going to make myself look “perfect” like some bloggers do and glamorize life. I’m going to stay positive and discuss the best things and the happy things but I’m going to remind you that we are all human and we do our best. I’m going to share so many stories and let you know a little about me too. I promise to accomplish all these things and more!


So let’s do this, let’s chat, let’s talk about food! I’m going to be covering all kinds of things on this blog including (but not limited to) healthy recipes, ways to eat healthy on a budget, ways to stay in that budget every week, incorporating more greens into your diet, eating more veggies, healthy baby food ideas and recipes, and much more!! If you ever want to find a recipie I  blogged about please go to the “Recipes” page! I will be posting them all there as well so they are easy to find.

If you want to stay up to date and follow my posts here please click the “Follow Us” button!! Thank you for reading and never hesitate to comment below, let me know what you think or tell me what you might like to know about healthy eating and lifestyle!!

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