The true meaning of health, and why? Let me explain…


So, I have been thinking for a while now as I am getting all the details of this website together so its polished and easy to use. I have been thinking about my first few posts and what I want to say before I get into the fun stuff. There are some really critical reasons I do, what I do, especially when it comes to food. The factors that started the shift into this new lifestyle are really important, so I thought I would share before we got started. I also think everyone has their own moment or story that makes them want to change their lifestyle for their very own reason. Whatever the reason, here you are, here we are!

There are individuals out there who think they know why I, or people like me, make these choices, like “its a fad, its cool to be organic” or maybe “she wants to be better than everyone else” or I have also heard “people eat that way so they can tell others what to do.” Well lets first set the record straight. I do not eat healthy because I think its going to make me “cool” or “trendy.” I also don’t think I am better nor do I want to be “better” than anyone else.  Lastly… this blog or any advice I give to others is not so that I can feel superior and tell others what to do. Honestly this blog started because I frequently have people messaging me for recipes or tips on different food related questions. I post a lot about food on my social media sites and I think people can see that I am passionate about it. I felt like this would be an easy way to share!

So now that we got those pesky assumptions out of the way, lets get down to the truth of the matter. Who cares about people who are negative anyways, lets focus on health and success and happiness! So ever since being an adult and on my own, I have really enjoyed making my own decisions. Of course being a young adult means you don’t always make the best decisions every step of the way but this is how we learn! I think that is kind of the point of being ages 18-21 (that was my weird phase) you are figuring it all out!


So when I was in college I literally ate crap. I ate pop tarts and chips, candy and just JUNK!! Obviously this didn’t make me feel good but I was young and testing out my adult waters. Through the years eating this way, then turning 21 and combining this with drinking was just not going to work. Once I had found my way through the weird phase and back to my first love, I finally said yes to my future husband, I knew it was time for a change. The best thing ever for a change in lifestyle is to have someone to do that with, someone on the same page. So my fiance and I knowing we would be getting married in the next few years and starting a family made changes. We started slow. We really did not know much about food, health, or any of it at all. Once we took the plunge there was no going back.


When we started researching food and true health, we were led down paths we never knew existed. We learned things that shocked us, horrified us, made us happy, made us HUNGRY and so many more feelings and emotions. Then it was the year my grandfather passed away. I watched a man I knew all my life go from a huge strong matriarch of my family, to a sick exhausted body barely housing his soul. This was literally the most frightening thing I had ever seen. I knew I had to do something to prevent this from happening to anyone else I loved. So I kind of became obsessed. Anyone who was Facebook friends with me during this time, and still is, obviously cares about me a lot. I posted everything I learned about GMO’s and their effect on the body, pesticides, un-natural big agriculture, animal products etc.


I learned an entire new perspective I had never seen before about the content we feed our bodies. I decided right then and there, if there was one thing I was going to invest in, it was the fuel for my body. So it was then we stopped what we knew as “regular grocery shopping,” we only went to Trader Joes or Whole Foods, we learned about farmers markets near by. We decided this would have to be a commitment, it still is.


Now we live completely vegetarian and mostly vegan actually only eating an animal product once in a while trying to completely eliminate those products all together. Honestly this part happened by accident. We did not intend to become vegetarian or eliminate animal products. We just started eating a more plant based nutrient rich diet and it just happened. We preferred eating that way. So just to be clear, I am not saying that to gain anything from my website here, you have to be vegan or even vegetarian. I want my recipes to be friendly to all! I want this information to be helpful to anyone. With any recipes I write I will give suggestions and variations for people who do and do not eat meats and dairy.

Its been a few years now since the beginning of this transformation. Much has changed for me, I am now a mother. However one consistent bit of information has been the most consistent out of anything I’ve read. I want you to read this below, maybe twice if you need to, because if this is all you get from my blog, ill still be happy and you will benefit immensely.


If you can incorporate more RAW, ORGANIC, GREEN, vegetables into your diet, you will become healthier.

So above all this is really the key. If you can do this, you are on the right track. Its literally shocking to me how many adults and children do not eat any vegetables in an entire week. This is not meant to criticize because I do understand that for those of you who do not do this, it can be hard to start. You find yourself asking questions like “well which vegetables should I buy” or “how much is enough?” or “how can I make them taste good so my kids will eat their dinner?” Well, I am here to show you how I incorporate fruits and vegetables into every single meal and snacks too!


Its funny, once we began eating this way, we no longer craved junk, we craved the taste of health. I learned from some amazing influential people along the way, I will show you these role models along our journey here. So basically this is for you, so if there is something you are looking for that I do not have here, comment below and ask me about it! I want to make this the one stop shop for everything healthy. This doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun! It cannot be a diet, because a diet is temporary. It has to be a change in lifestyle. So lets take these steps together. Lets promise to include more green plants into our meals this week! I promise, will you?

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