My Breakfast Staple | Bananas and dates with almond butter


Are you trying to incorporate more healthy foods into your meals? Do you often skip breakfast? Do you crave things like muffins, pancakes, danish etc? This breakfast tip is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and get you ready for your day with a boost of energy!

So this is so simple, if you like bananas, you DON’T have a nut allergy, and you enjoy gooey caramel tasting dates then this is for you!

I literally buy 3-5 bunches of bananas at the store (for many different recipes you will find out) because I eat this particular snack sometimes multiple times a day! Bananas are so inexpensive, so delicious. so filling, there are so many reasons to love bananas! If you are not buying at least one bunch at the store ask yourself WHY!!


FIRST! What you will need:

    1. Nut Butter of your choice: (I choose almond, but peanut, hazelnut, any kind works!) I get mine at Trader Joes, but you can get it most anywhere, click the links below to see the brands I suggest and where you can get yours! Choose a good brand, preferably organic, Raw if you can, without added sugars or preservatives. This is one of the only packaged foods I do suggest buying!
    2. Bananas: I slice my bananas into a bowl to drizzle my other delicious             ingredients on top! Want to slice bananas easily, try a Banana Slicer !
    3. Dates: These tasty treats are amazing in so many ways! (Click HERE to read about the health benefits of dates!) These dates taste gooey and caramely and delicious and you dont have to feel guilty about gobbling them up in your breakfast! I like to pit and chop my dates to add to my banana almond butter amazingness! You can buy organic sundried dates in many grocery stores but click the link above or this link that says “Dates” to purchase the ones I recommend! Sometimes you can find them already pitted which is very convenient! (always try and find organic sun dried dates if you can)
    4. Options: There are also other things I add to this dish on occasion! Sometimes I will add Almond Slices or even fresh blueberries, strawberries, you could even add some Figs! Experiment with your own healthy ingredients, click on the links above to find where to purchase any of the suggestions I have discussed here!

Almond Butter
Peanut Butter
Hazelnut Butter



Now! The process!

First chop your bananas, arrange them in a size appropriate dish. Then I drizzle the almond butter on top, however much you like depending on the mood you are in, I usually use about two spoon-fulls. Lastly I scatter my chopped dates on the top to complete my delicious breakfast!


I mean seriously look at that! Are you not drooling already?? I promise you, cereal will just never feel the same after you have had this!!


Here is your closeup shot. I am getting hungry just writing about this. First thing I am going to do once this is posted is go make this for myself! This breakfast is GUILT FREE!! Bananas are such a healthy fruit, great for your digestive health and containing nutrients that regulate blood pressure and aid in your heart health. Dates are an amazing fruit that contains calcium, potassium, iron and so much more, helping bone health, preventing anemia the list goes on. Almonds and natural almond butters are an amazing energy source containing healthy fat and fiber that keeps you going throughout the day and regulates blood cholesterol levels. Eating almond butter regularly in moderation can help to prevent high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. If these aren’t enough reasons to try this breakfast out then I don’t know what is!!

Sometimes If I am on the go, I will prepare this in a to go Container so that I can eat it while at work, or in between doing errands, there isn’t any excuse really not to enjoy this healthy energy boosting breakfast! (click the link above for some awesome glass to-go containers I use for my healthy eating on the go!)

I hope you will try this and let me know if you like it! I will be posting this recipe on the “Recipe” page so its easily accessible! As always, if you have any questions concerns or comments do not hesitate to comment below or contact me! Thank you so much for following -Alexa-

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