Iced Coffee | A weakness for many, how to do your coffee in a healthier way!


Iced Coffee. Most of us love it, some of us cannot function without it, but it can be really unhealthy if we are getting it on the go. I have given up coffee multiple times but being a photographer, late night editing, also having a little baby, sometimes its just necessary. In the photo above this is where you can usually find my coffee right next to me on my desk!

We all know a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is loaded with heavy cream and sugars, same with most places that serve coffee beverages on the go. Many people have the misconception that coffee itself is bad for your health. Its not the coffee that is the problem, its the dairy and sugars that they add.

There have actually been proven benefits to drinking just plain black coffee in moderation. Read about benefits of coffee here!

What I want to talk about though is how to make a better coffee. Most of us know that making coffee at home is not only better for you but better for your wallet too! Buying a decent bag of ground coffee is less than buying a small cup of coffee every day of the work week. But how do we make a hot or iced coffee that is not only delicious but good for your body?

Tip #1 Make coffee at home: So if you have a busy morning and you think you might not be able to make a coffee in the morning you could always brew some the night before and chill it over night, especially during these hot summer months! Whatever you have to do, like we discussed its cheaper and better for you!

Tip#2 Choose a better coffee: It all starts with the coffee you choose. First of all I would definitely recommend choosing organic if that is possible for you, this way you don’t have to worry about chemicals from how it was grown. Also fair trade coffee is a good way to go also, read more about why fair trade is so important here! I shop at trader joes, they have a few great selections of organic coffee. Click the link if you want to see another brand of coffee I recommend! Organic Coffee

Tip#3 Ditch the heavy cream and white granulated sugar: So this is a big one. Most creams and milks used at these fast coffee places, is filled with hormones and chemicals. There really is no nutritional value in the dairy at all. Try finding a dairy alternative that you like in your coffee. I know some of you might be skeptical about not using the traditional dairy products but this is coming from someone who used to drink milk every day and now is DAIRY FREE. If you give some of the alternative dairy products a try they are much easier on your digestive system and you may even find you like them better! Most are also cheaper than a gallon of milk! I personally like a little organic almond milk in mine, or even organic coconut milk! If you purchase a “vanilla” flavored almond or coconut milk then you might not need any sugar, but if you do at least try and use an Organic Cane Sugar (click the link to find organic cane sugar) and cut down significantly how much sugar you are using. If you use a little less sugar every day you will find you hardly need any after a few weeks. Like we have discussed before, your body will adjust and not want coffee that sugary anymore.

Tip#4 If you do get coffee out, order a better coffee: If I do breakdown and need a coffee while I am out, I always ask for an alternative milk (almond, soy or coconut) and I try and use as little sugar as possible.

Tip#5 Try black coffee: I know many people who tried it and now love it. The healthiest way to enjoy coffee is black. Personally I had trouble liking it that way but every once in a while I try again. Don’t feel bad if you can’t do black coffee, I know I can’t as of right now.

So I hope these tips help! My usual coffee now at home is an organic dark roast coffee with organic vanilla almond milk and no sugar. It is delicious! It took me some time to tinker with what I like the best but you should experiment and give some new things a try! What works for you? I would love to hear about your coffee tricks!! Thank you for following! -Alexa-

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