Interesting food facts that make you want to eat healthy!



Something I love to do is learn about the different health benefits of my favorite foods! Once I learn about a new benefit there is to eating a certain food I am so motivated to incorporate it into my next meal! I thought maybe I would share some interesting food facts that you might not know that will make you excited to eat healthier!!



Arugula is a nutrient rich green that will add an amazing amount of flavor to any dish you use it in! We love to add arugula to a sandwich or our vegan tacos! Arugula is a tangy delicious healthy food! Rich in calcium, cancer preventing nutrients and vitamins A and K there isn’t a reason not to use this amazing plant in your meals! Arugula has been proven to aid in eye health too! Next time you’re at the store grab yourself some arugula to make a salad or garnish your sandwiches for lunch!!



Mangos are such a delicious way to be healthy! High in potassium, antioxidants and vitamins A and K mangos are great for your immune system to prevent colds and flus! Mangos are also a pre-biotic, meaning they provide good bacteria for your gut to prevent digestive problems. Mangos are great in smoothies, fruit salads and even added on green salads for a burst of flavor! There really isn’t any reason not to get yourself a mango and start incorporating them into your meals this week!!



Cilantro is a delicious herb used for many great recipes!! We use cilantro the most for guacamole! Cilantro is proven to have more vitamin C than even oranges!! Adding some fresh cilantro to a salad is sure to boost the flavor and nutrient value!!



This beautiful fruit is an excellent addition to any regular diet! Peaches have been shown to benefit the body in many ways. The aroma of peaches is said to have calming effects on the body, reducing pain, lifting depression and creating an overall sense of well-being. They are also a great snack that’s easy to bring on the go!!



Who doesn’t love some beautiful asparagus with dinner? Well asparagus is rich in vitamin K, and is proven to help the digestive tract. It’s so easy to chop some asparagus and add it to a stir fry or as a side dish to any meal!!



Did you know raspberries can be white? These nutrient dense little beauties whether white red or any other color are great defense against colds and flu. They prevent respiratory infections and are full of phytonutrients which lower the risk of chronic disease! This fruit is one of the highest in fiber content. I love to add some raspberries to oatmeal or even a green salad!



Its not surprising to find out that such a beautiful fruit is also packed with so many awesome beneficial nutrients! Kiwis are packed with vitamin C and yet another choice that contains even more than oranges! They can also be beneficial in preventing symptoms of asthma when eated regularly. Kiwis look gorgeous garnishing a fruit salad or as a side to your breakfast dish!



I know I keep using this photo in my posts but just love it! We LOVE bananas in our home!! We always get funny looks at the grocery store during checkout because we buy like 3-5 bundles a week! Did you know that ripe banana with brown spots are full of cancer fighting nutrients (TNF). Basically the riper your banana the better it is for you, which is amazing because super ripe bananas are so sweet! They are excellent in smoothies! Bananas are also full of a nutrient called (FOS) Fructooligosaccharide that helps your body absorb calcium properly! Bananas are a no brained staple for our family and my little one’s favorite fruit!

I hope these tips and facts inspire you and encourage you to make healthy choices! What food facts do you know? I would LOVE to know more facts about the healthy foods we love!! Share and comment below!! Thanks for following! -Alexa-



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