Starting healthy habits early | How to raise a healthy baby



When it comes to health, I feel like one of the biggest questions is, “How do I get my kids to eat veggies” or “How do I make sure my kids are eating healthy enough?” I made it my personal mission even during my pregnancy to be healthy and when my son was born to start him on a super healthy lifestyle.

My fiancé and I decided that we would implement an extremely healthy eating pattern for him right away. When Augustus turned the appropriate age for eating purée foods we started immediately. Here is a list breakdown of his first few months of eating, what we did and why.

First Food: So other than breastmilk Augustus’ first food was avocados. We used to blend them with breastmilk and feed that mixture to him! Huge hit! We chose this as his first food because we didn’t want to choose a sweet fruit and ignite that sweet tooth right away, we deliberately set out to create a taste for veggies for him. He still LOVES avocados and eats them regularly.


Teething: When we knew our little guy’s teeth were hurting we did use some frozen fruit in a mesh teether to help soothe him. He wasn’t quite sure how to use it at first but with a little help he grew to really enjoy the teether and it gave him much relief from his sore gums.


Fruit Purée: As Augustus began to get used to swallowing something besides breastmilk and he enjoyed the eating experience, we began experimenting with other foods! We thought we would try some fruit. So after avocados we tried bananas. We blended banana with breastmilk, avocado and breastmilk, really any combination we tried was a hit!! After that we got more adventurous trying berry purée and other fruits.


Variety: Something we kept in mind while starting Augustus’ food experience was that we wanted him to find fruits and veggies delicious and exciting. Sure this is easy for his age because they pretty much eat what you give them not having a preference yet and not using words to ask for something else. Already other mommies with babies his same age have asked “how do you get your son to eat veggies?? My baby won’t touch them” and basically my trick is, offering a variety of veggies for him to try. I always offer veggies first except for breakfast.


Avoid Processed Foods: So this rule we have set has really helped us expand Augustus’ pallet for fruits and vegetables. We don’t give Augustus any processed foods. So before introducing him to foods we did not give him rice cereal, and as he began to try foods we didn’t let him have any of those baby cookies or any processed treats like that. It is very tempting to let him have things that are easy like that but we have not done it once. We really believe it has helped him gain a great taste for all the fruits or veggies he loves! Augustus has not had anything but breastmilk, fruits and vegetables and a little rice so far at eight months.


Consistency: Since Augustus has started to really eat solid meals and breastfeeding has been restricted to evenings and sometimes before nap times, we have had to be consistent. We routinely give him a variety of fruits and vegetables and introduce new things here and there. He has developed favorites and hardly dislikes any of the things he has tried.


Practice what we preach: The last way we have given our son a healthy start to life is through our own healthy habits as well. Augustus is now getting to the age where he only wants what mommy and daddy are eating. Luckily aside from maybe being too spicy our meals are something he can have. He can share bananas and almond butter in the morning with me and have some tomatoes and avocado off of daddy’s salad in the evening. Staying healthy ourselves makes it easier to show our son how to be healthy too. If he is surrounded by healthy natural foods and doesn’t have a taste for sugary or salty processed food products, he only wants what we give him. Our thought is, why give him cookies or muffins or things like that if he doesn’t need them? Why let him even taste those things, and why tempt him by eating them ourselves? This is serious motivation to stay healthy ourselves so that we are setting a good example for him.


You might be wondering, how do we know these tips are useful? Our son is only eight months old. Well, before being a mommy I was a nanny for many years and was very helpful in getting kids to eat veggies that they typically denied. So sure, we are only at the beginning with his food journey, it might get more challenging as he gets older and develops more preferences but we are still going to use these tips and avoid giving him anything that will start a bad habit. So far it’s working really well and we have a happy healthy baby boy that has not been sick one time and enjoys his food very much!

Below are some of Augustus’ typical meals and how I prepare them!



Baby breakfast smoothie-I love to blend up fruits and almond milk to make an easy smoothie that he can drink himself. He loves strawberry & banana, mixed berry, and spinach banana.

Chopped bananas and blueberries: I chop up these fruits into bit size pieces and feed them to my little guy who gobbles them right up!


Guacamole-Mommy and baby can enjoy some fresh home made guacamole! I blend up avocados, tomatoes, onion and cilantro with a little lemon juice and voila! A healthy lunch for baby and snack for me!

Veggie blend combos- Many veggies can be blended together to make delicious meals for baby! My favorites are sweet potato, avocado, beets, greens, carrot, etc!


We love to try new things and dinner is a great time to do that! We live to let baby try black beans, chickpeas, different veggies and sometimes rices or quinoa. Augustus loves sitting in his high chair and trying new tastes!

Good luck with your healthy journey for your baby! I would love to hear what you do to help your baby try new healthy foods and love them! Comment below and tell me more!!

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