Five Reasons To Choose A Healthier Lifestyle!


Hi I am back!

I know I have been away from this page for some time now but Its been a crazy time and now my plan is to be back more often and sharing awesome tips tricks and ways to have a healthier lifestyle!

So why would we do all this? Why do people strive so hard to “be healthy?” I mean what is the point when the donuts, sodas, cheesy dishes and candy are calling us? Its simple and I am going to give you my top five reasons to choose a healthier lifestyle.



The very first reason I choose the healthiest lifestyle I can, is for my child. He is just a little one and so far does not have a great deal of influence on what his lifestyle is. Although I think we might be heading into a terrible two phase early and let me tell this boy knows what he wants and never gives up! Anyway, he is just a little guy and the foods he eats, the things he comes into contact with, thats all my doing mostly. I am going to do my absolute best to make sure that he eats the best foods I can find, and he knows what true health really is so that when he is an adult and he has to fend for himself he will know what to do! I truly believe that what children “will and wont eat” starts at home. My son is one and a half and there is hardly a vegetable he wont eat. He eats avocados (his first food) beets, turnip, spinach, arugula, asparagus, brussel sprout, potatoes, carrots, every and all fruit and so much MORE! I know he will go through phases and sometimes wont like everything but for the most part if we consistently eat right then even on his worst most picky days he will be just fine!

NUMBER TWO: Myself & The Love of My Life!!

I also choose this life for ME! Not only me but my partner as well, my team mate, my love, my man, my honey bee so to speak 😉

We love our lifestyle and its taken a slow and long transformation from processed foods to amazing foods but here we are. We chose this together and we made the journey together. When one of us is feeling run down the other is there to go “have you had enough water, greens, have you juiced in a while? When was the last time you had a glass of Kombucha?” We are there to remind the other why we are doing this. Its so we can get the most full experience out of our life, it starts with health.


NUMBER THREE: The Environment!!!

Not everyone knows or believes this but its TRUE, being healthier is better for the planet too! All those beautiful animals, the amazing plants, even buzzing bees. All of them are in danger because of the crazy things we are doing to our planet. By YOU eating as many organic items as you can, choosing produce over a packaged product, you are playing a part in helping. Bees are in danger because of all the chemicals, pesticides and nasty things we are exposing them to. Without Bees we can say goodbye to all the beautiful fruits and vegetables that we love. We all need to step up and take a little responsibility for this planet we are so lucky to have. Recycle, choose eco friendly products, and be healthy!! The animals thank you for it, the plants, the bees too!! We will thank ourselves later for doing this NOW!


Now, some people might debate this but its the truth. No matter how hard it is in the beginning to set that candy down and choose the apple, when you get into the habit of being healthy, truly healthy, when your stomach is used to the kind foods you are feeding it, you will feel AWESOME! It certainly takes a little time and self discipline there are no shortage of temptations with processed sugars and chemicals in them. However if you can make this slow transition into health and wellness you will find yourself feeling better in so many ways! Less anxiety, more motivation, better sleep at night and focus during the day and so so much more!!


In the end if you asked me why my healthy lifestyle is one of the best things I have ever done I would say this: Being a healthy person has let me do so many things I could not have done before. I am emotionally, physically and spiritually in the best place I have ever been in. I sleep better, I am able to accept difficult situations with patience and understanding. I find our lifestyle has made parenting easier and makes us happy that our son will have a healthy start in life and a base where he can come back to should he fall off the wagon and need to refresh. Every step we have taken towards a healthier future has been successful and beneficial to our lives. Not needed to worry about eating better or exercising more enables us to spend that energy else where. Plain and simple once you start making that transition into a healthier life you will be experiencing more life and in such a better way! We should all help one another get there if its our dream to do so.

Wishing you well! -Alexa-