Halloween | The healthy and earth friendly way… yes, it can be done



Its just around the bend, a few weeks away… HALLOWEEN

The weirdest holiday I think we celebrate, the one where safety is a huge concern, along with “how am I going to control the amount of candy my kid receives/eats.”

As you can see from our pictures, we are into Halloween, we are huge nerds and we love to use this holiday to be who we really wish we were even if for just one night. Even before we were parents we loved dressing in Disney themed costumes, mythical creatures, musicians we love, there is even an Edward from twilight in there…

However, Halloween can be a scary night and not like spooky scary because of all the decor but because of all the shenanigans and the unhealthy ideas of how to celebrate this creepy night. So here are some ideas for how to celebrate this ghoulish occasion in the most earth friendly and healthy way possible!


1.) Host a safe Halloween party or trick or treat in your home or neighborhood!

I know if another parent approached me and asked me if I wanted to do a safe Halloween event so I wouldn’t have to traipse my child through our neighborhood to get candy I didn’t want him to eat, I would say YES YES YES I wanted to do this so badly this year but we will be going through a move so I wont be able to. Its a wonderful idea tho and covers all the issues, Safety!, Healthy! Eco Friendly and FUN!! If you are doing a party in your home start with asking friends and family if they would be interested in working together on it! On pinterest there are just so many awesome healthy ideas for fruit and veggie snacks in a Halloween theme, the ideas are endless! Ask a bunch of people to help, everyone brings a healthy non candy treat, plan some fun party games and activities. Do a Halloween parade with everyone who attends and a costume contest of course! Have the event nice and early so everyone can go home after and become their regular selves before midnight! If you want to do a safe trick or treat in your neighborhood then write up a quick letter to your neighbors about how you want to make the night safe, fun and healthy for the kids. Include some ideas on non candy items. Maybe cool Halloween pencils, tattoos, stickers and such! Plan a time for it to start nice and early and plan a time for it to be over. This is an awesome plan for neighborhoods with lots of families and if everyone gets involved it could make the night one to remember and not one to forget.

2.) Skip the plastic cheap Halloween items and shop local or handmade on Etsy for halloween bags, decor and more!

So this is a big one. We know that as soon as August rolls around we start seeing the LOADS of plastic halloween items in the stores. There are so many handmade shop owners on etsy who make gorgeous items and at an affordable price. I am one of them! I make reusable snack bags, trick or treat and tote bags, even place mats! Shopping for any of these things even for costumes from one of these business owners is supporting local business, its supporting families just like your own and its much better for our economy and our community! Click HERE to view my Etsy shop Artistically Organic and check out my cool Halloween items!! Many shop owners have certain discounts, coupon codes or promotions for holidays so never be afraid to reach out and ASK!!

3.) Show the kids that DIY costumes are super cool too!

I think an awesome, eco friendly way to accomplish the coolest halloween costumes is making them from clothes and items around the house! I like to use clothes I don’t wear often or even shop clearance or thrift stores for clothes I can cut up, sew or transform into my costume idea. The photos above are a great example of using what we already have to make an awesome costume, I used fabric and a hoodie for my sons dragon costume and I used a permanent marker to write the words on my shirt! We also reuse cardboard, plastic items and fabric to construct awesome ideas. I think when this holiday comes around everyone thinks they have to run out to their nearest Halloween store and buy a $50 costume. I want my child to understand that its about having fun and sometimes the most fun comes from being creative and making something awesome to wear on Halloween night! Other ideas include, costume swaps with friends and family, looking online to see if any used costumes are sold at a reasonable price, and more! These ideas will help with costumes and help to make the little ones understand that creativity is super important when it comes to celebrating Halloween! Using some of these tips will be sure to make your Halloween extra fun!

4.) Check out your local community activities for Halloween!

Many towns and communities arrange safe and fun Halloween events. Sometimes these events can even be FREE or very low cost. Find out when they are and participate, maybe your church has a trick or treat, get involved, maybe the local main st. does a safe Halloween night, these things can be so fun and not put as much pressure on parents to make everything perfect. Do lots of activities around this season so there isn’t as much pressure for the big Halloween night. If you go to a pumpkin festival, apple picking and hayrides then staying at home with some friends on Halloween night will still seem fun to the kiddos! Giving kids special jobs to plan fun events, including them in the decisions and planning is the key to them enjoying something other than candy trick or treating. There are lots of alternatives, make a new tradition for your family. Go pick out some spooky Halloween books at your local library and have a scary Halloween story night with friends, the ideas are endless!! The most important thing to remember is having fun, that is what this should be all about!

Wishing you and your family a lovely, safe, happy Halloween!!

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