You’re almost two my love…

You’re almost two my love, so life is exciting. Everything is new, there are so many things to do, to learn and to explore. Whether it’s building, playing, creating or even destroying there is a lesson to be learned.

You’re almost two my love so, you now have strong preferences. The foods you loved yesterday might not be your favorite today. You certainly let us know when you do and do not want something. Some days you want to eat bananas one after another and frankly that’s alright with us, other days bananas are the last thing you will ever eat.

You’re almost two my love so we have to remember that life is still so new, there is so much you don’t know so we need to be patient. When you’re unsure of how to do something, when it’s bed time but you don’t want to be alone, or when you just want someone to cuddle with you. Mommy and daddy like you to try new things and we try new methods to help you grow and learn but sometimes those things take time and so we must wait.

You’re almost two my love, so dumping out every single toy bin on to the floor, is exciting and fun. Even if it’s not exciting for mommy you had a blast and it won’t be the last time you do it. You’re very certain mommy sewing table makes an excellent race track for your cars and that she loves it when you line up all your cars on it as she is trying to work.

You’re almost two my love, so routine can be tough, oh man it’s time to brush teeth already? That makes you want to throw your toys and yourself on the floor in despair. It’s time for bed and no you cannot stick your fingers or your toys in the sewing machine because it’s dangerous, oh the outrage! These things are sometimes hard for you.

You’re almost two my love, you’re asserting your independence. Like tonight you fell asleep at 8:30 on the dot, boy weren’t we proud. However you then awoke at 9 and resisted sleep for two hours while we desperately went through all the usual remedies and tricks trying to figure out why you wouldn’t sleep. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Hot or cold? Wet or stinky? Maybe is your teeth or do you have a fever? When all these things didn’t work for you tonight we couldn’t help being upset, after all this is the only time mommy and daddy get to just be ourselves and relax, when you’re safe and sound asleep in bed.

You’re almost two my love, so I cried tonight wondering if I was doing the right thing when I laid beside you talking to you trying to get you to sleep, and then again when I left the room because maybe you needed to be alone because I was distracting you from falling asleep. Tears ran down my face when I returned to the room, laid down next to you again and you wrapped your little toddler arms around me and said “mama, my mama, my mama.” You opened one little precious eye to glance at me, pulled me close and gave me a cute little baby boy kiss. In that moment I didn’t care how long it took to help you sleep I knew you needed me.

You’re almost two my love, so I thought about that as I hugged you back so tight and thought about someday when you won’t be almost two, you might be almost twelve or almost twenty. More tears streamed down my face thinking of all the days trials triumphs and tribulations. How you had spent most of the day outside on your tricycle and I was certain you would go down so easy for bed because you must be tired. I thought about you on that bike, so proud looking back at me to see if I was watching. Why couldn’t bed time be as easy as riding that tricycle seemed today? The truth is nothing is easy, everything is hard for you, and that’s because you’re almost two…

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