Natural Baby-Parenting Hacks THAT WORK!

Recently I had a conversation with my best friend, her baby is about a year younger than mine and she was asking me some questions about remedies and different tips and tricks surrounding teething, I realized I had lots of cool tricks (for multiple situations) I had done in my sons two years of life that really worked! She told me I should put these into a post so here it is! Courtesy of my best friend ❤

Screenshot 2018-02-22 at 6.16.34 PM1.) Frozen Breast Milk Teether:

This one I am sure many of you parents have seen. Babies love to gnaw and chew especially on COLD THINGS. So when teething began but my son was still mostly on breastmilk I was unsure what to give him at first. I had a great stash of frozen breast milk in the freezer so one night when he was particularly uncomfortable I broke off a piece and rinsed it a bit to soften any harsh edges and stuck it in the mesh teethers we had and voila! We got our teethers from our baby shower but I have seen them at ToysRus, Target, Amazon etc! He was so happy!! I also did this same thing later on with frozen fruits!

Screenshot 2018-02-23 at 9.56.22 PM2.) Breastmilk & Fruit Popsicles:

Just like above we always need clever exciting and new tricks when those teeth are cutting through. I tried making these little baby popsicles for my son to gnaw on when his gums got sore. I tried breastmilk pops which he loved and also fruit pops with real frozen fruit I blended and poured into the molds (no added anything just the fruit was fine) and he LOVED them!! Warning!! They are VERY messy but worth it for when those little babes are in pain 😦 Molds like these are easy to find at your favorite places to shop for baby.


3.) Baby Smoothies:

Depending on how your little one is doing with foods and how soon, this could be an awesome way to get some fruits and veggies into your little one start building up that healthy gut and help them develop a taste for the healthy stuff! I started doing this around 8 months. It was really time consuming for my little guy to be spoon fed puree and he made a huge mess eating little finger bite sized foods. Sometimes when I was trying to get something done around the house I would make him a quick smoothie, lay him down propped in his bobby pillow in his playpen with some of his baby music playing. I only did this once he was able to sit up comfortably and I knew it was safe for him. I would sit and fold some laundry next to him or get some computer work done right there all the while to make sure he did not choke or was in any danger. Anyways, some of the common foods I used in the smoothies were bananas, berries, mango, pineapple, kiwi, spinach, I would mix some of these in the blender with a little almond milk. Once he was a little older I would add oats, chia seeds, maybe some peanutbutter or almond butter. He loves these smoothies even still now! When I first started I cut the nipple of a bottle we barely used in an X on he top so he could suck out the smoothie with ease and it worked perfectly!! These were a go to on hot summer days and so so easy!



4.) Tummy Time Happiness:

We all know that when our little ones are teeny tiny, and we are trying to do “tummy time” it sometimes isn’t always happy. I learned some tricks along the way that made tummy time more enjoyable and helped my little guy get stronger and stronger. First thing I did was to make sure that in the very beginning I used some sort of support, like a boppy pillow or a blanket for support. Then I would use something baby found interesting like a colorful bright book or toy to keep baby’s interest. This worked incredibly to prevent tummy time from being boring or uncomfortable.


5.) Baby Safe Splash Pool:

On those  hot summer days we will do anything to help baby cool off and have some fun too! Sometimes they are a little small to be in the pool to cool off so what is the alternative? Filling a small container or bucket with water or even several buckets can be an exciting and mesmerizing experience for baby. I laid a blanket out on the deck and threw some fun toys into the water, endless entertainment! This activity is intended to be for babies who are sitting up well on their own and grasping toys.


6.) Wear Baby To Nap Time:

Sleep regressions, teething, fevers, gas, growing pains you name it there are so many reasons babies wont sleep. We as parents can be pulling our hair out trying to get baby down for just an hour nap so that we can try to get something done or even just sit down! When my little one wouldn’t settle down and I knew we were in a little phase of something, eventually I learned some tricks. Aside from the usual, nurse, swing, swaddle etc… There was another trick that worked really well. I used to wear that baby to sleep. I would wrap him up in the baby carrier and do whatever I had to do, clean, take a walk, fold laundry, all kinds of things all the while waiting for him to drift off to dreamland. Most of the time this trick worked like a charm. Because babies want to be near their momma so much when they aren’t feeling right, this was so easy. He was happy to be close with me and I got a great workout in while doing regular chores and getting things done. Once he dozed off I would gently remove the wrap and place him in his bed for a much needed nap.



I hope that this short list of easy and effective parenting hacks helps you in some way! I will certainly have more as time goes on and I will definitely be sharing as my little one gets older things always change and new healthy but helpful ideas are always needed!! Good luck!


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