Entrepreneur-Mom Learning Lessons…

My apologies, I have been MIA as of recently. No fun healthy living tips, no delicious recipes featuring plants and healthy foods. Sorry about that, I have been dividing up my attention and sometimes when splitting yourself in so many directions, things fall through the cracks. It happens to all of us right?

I have been on the hunt, for something more. I have been asking myself questions. my questions have been, “why aren’t any of my ideas taking off?” or “Can I really accomplish all that I desire?” even “What am I meant to do?” I am sure some of you entrepreneurial minds can relate. I have always felt like my mind comes up with these grandiose¬†ideas and I cannot always keep up. A few years back I wanted to promote my photography business so I spent months coordinating this huge event, which did not achieve what I hoped it would. I wanted to be involved in an Arts & Craft show but I did not like how they were conducted so a trusted friend and I threw our own. It was a strong first try but not at all what I had pictured. I have never been afraid to jump in, but I have failed and felt the harsh after-effects as well. Now, I am writing and organizing my first cookbook/recipe book. I am excited but admittedly I think it could have been out by now if I had the confidence in my work. Sometimes I wonder, do I have any authority or merit to be telling people what they should do? I think we all have these feelings from time to time.


So this past weekend celebrating the Easter holiday we were lucky enough to be invited to go to Vermont with my family and relax in a gorgeous lodge tucked into the mountains and just be immersed in nature. From the moment we arrived the crisp fresh air filled my lungs and I felt so good. The pressure I had been feeling released and I felt like I could think. On the nearly 5 hour drive there, as our toddler napped in the back seat we listened to some amazing podcasts. We listened to some amazing stories about how some of the most incredible and recognizable business’ were made. From the story of Clif Bars, Melissa & Doug, to Whole Foods and more. We heard some incredible stories of trials, obstacles, success, and failure even. We realized through the weekend and enjoyed family and the amazing scenery. On the ride home, we did the same, listened to more stories. Ideas were flooding my brain, I knew I wanted to be one of those stories someday.

These stories really made me realize that the only thing holding me back from everything I dream is ME! All of the stories we heard had one thing in common, risk. Every person we heard about took a leap of faith and took a risk. Most of them had no idea what they were doing, they had an idea and just wanted to see it through. They found the right people to help them along the way and they got there. Most of the also failed one or more times first before they found the right formula for success. However they never ever gave up. I related to these stories. Their families and friends often thought they were insane going from one thing to another not just settling down and working on one thing their whole lives. They often questioned themselves and wondered if it was the right thing, however, in the end, they knew what they needed to do and didn’t stop until they got there.


I have tried several things in my short adult experience and somethings have turned out wonderfully and others not so much. I finally feel like I am on the right path to success and all I need is that leap of faith to get started and see it to the end.

I feel a change in the air, in the universe. To anyone who has ideas, thoughts, dreams but feels like they cant do it, listening to the stories of the people who have done great things in this world makes all the difference. They look back now and can see that they never would have accomplished what they did without all the hard work risk and dedication they put in. I feel as though I am on the cusp of something amazing, on the ledge about to jump into an ocean of possibility.

I’m going to take those leaps, I am going to push forward to see my dreams become a reality. Going forward there may be fewer blog posts, less facebook interaction. There will be several recipe books, new products, new ventures. Artistically Organic is going to become something amazing and I feel it is my responsibility to see it through.


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