Avocado, Spinach, Tomato, Pita Wrap!

This wrap was delicious and easy!!


First I started with pita bread, I sliced avocados and put them in the pita pockets. I spread some hummus on the inside of the pita bread also. Once I filled it with avocados, spinach and tomatoes I also added some peach salsa. It was so delicious!!


You can customize this recipe with other things you like. You can use different veggies or hummus. Or even substitute the salsa for hot sauce or something else you like. I hope you like this quick recipe!


Tofu, Mango, Spinach Salad


Sometimes it’s hard to make just the right salad. Sometimes salads get boring. My goal is to inspire people to love their greens, love their salads. My photos aren’t the best this evening, I’m dealing with a teething baby, but I plan to take better quality images later on. I wanted to share this amazing salad that I threw together in less than ten minutes.

We were hungry this evening dinner time was here but we had a long day and didn’t feel like making a huge mess in the kitchen. I knew we needed something healthy, something delicious, something easy.


I decided to make a healthy delicious, filling, fun salad. I started with a few different types of greens. Baby kale, romaine, spinach and arugula, I find mixing different greens makes it more interesting. After arranging my bed of greens, I chopped some veggies for my salad. I also decided that I wanted a sweet taste in my salad too. I chopped some mango, red pepper, onion, radish, and tomato. After arranging the veggies on my salad I chopped some firm organic tofu and lightly cooked it in some olive oil on an iron skillet. I seasoned my tofu with cayenne pepper, paprika, and black pepper. I cooked the tofu lightly and then tossed it on top of the salad. Lastly I added some avocado halves and walnut pieces to my salad.


Most dressings are filled with sugar and additives so I’m always careful which dressings I use on my healthy salads. I used an organic, sesame ginger dressing on my salad. I only drizzled a small amount on top of it.


This bright salad was fresh, delicious, filling and healthy. The flavors of the sweet mango, the avocado and the spice on the cooked tofu went perfectly together. We devoured these salads, big smiles on our faces. The best part was it was easy quick and didn’t dirty too many dishes! We were even able to share our salads with our little guy, he enjoys crawling around from one of us to the other begging for another slice of mango or avocado hehe! There are so many ways we can make eating our greens and veggies more interesting and fun! Hope you enjoyed this recipe more to come soon!


Hanging on to the last moments of summer | Mango Tempeh Taco Boat Recipe



So I don’t know about you (for those of you who are on the same season cycle as we are) but I’m trying desperately to hold on to those last moments of summer. It’s been an amazing summer, probably one of the best I have ever had. This was our first summer with our precious boy.

I apologize for not posting in a while, I am sure some of you are dying for more recipes!! Well I have a great one for you today!! However, before that, let me talk a little about what’s been keeping me from posting and how I have been staying healthy on the go.

Augustus and I went to Nantucket, it was his first trip, we have family over on the island. We were in great need for a break and some time with our toes in the sand and our hearts by the ocean. Sadly daddy couldn’t join us because he was busy at home. So Augustus and I packed up and headed to the ferry to go to the beloved island. I had some preparation to do in order to stay healthy on the trip for Augustus and I. I packed some peaches, bananas, apples, sliced watermelon, blueberries, almond butter, clif bars, coconut yogurt, and some organic baby food pouches for baby. We snacked on some fruit on the two hour boat ride and then most of our snacks were for the rest of our time on Nantucket. When you’re visiting family you can’t always count on them having the healthy snacks you like nor do I ever expect that my family eats the way I do and can provide those items. I always bring my own food.


We did make one stop at the grocery store for more bananas, peaches and coconut yogurt! How did I end up with these children in my cart? So the other huge part of staying healthy on the island was when we went out to eat. I focused on making healthy choices for myself and bringing healthy foods for Augustus. I always chose a healthy green salad with my meals and let Augustus have some chopped tomatoes and other veggies. I made good choices like at one restaurant I had an arugula feta pizza, another night we all had roasted vegetable tapas, delicious yet nutritious!! So I’ll do another post on eating healthy when eating out but I just wanted to share a little about how we did it on our trip. Needless to say we had a wonderful time and were sad to leave. Until next time Nantucket ❤️

So here is an amazing recipe that I have been making to grasp on to the last days of warmth and summer feelings! Mango Tempeh Taco Boats!


This new take on tacos is healthy, fresh and delicious! The tempeh veggie stir fry mixed with the spicy sweet tangy mango salsa, is an amazing combo! You can also innovate this recipe with some improvisations. I used romaine for the taco boats but you could use collard greens, lettuce, kale or cabbage even. The veggie stir fry could be made with a variety of your favorite vegetables, and also the salsa could be improvised as well! Maybe add mushrooms to your stir fry or pineapple to your salsa.


This meal is so satisfying! The tempeh fills you up and the delicious combination of other flavors keeps you wanting another helping! What an excellent alternative to the usual tacos filled with meat and cheese in cased in greasy taco shells. You can get the same delicious idea with a healthy twist! Hope you will try this recipe and I would love to hear about how you changed it to incorporate your favorite foods!!



Healthy lunch with a kick | Sriracha Tofu Salad


So when we think of a healthy lunch, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a salad right? You are probably imagining a boring salad with romaine, maybe some onion and grape tomatoes? BORING. Salads are honestly the most versatile meal and have so much potential for delicious excitement!

This salad literally took me under ten minutes. I put my baby boy down for a nap, ran downstairs and decided on this meal and made in less than ten minutes so I could run back upstairs and get some work done before he woke up! The only thing I would have changed if I was going to pack this salad to go would be packing the toppings of the salad in another container so that my greens wouldn’t get wilted.


I made my salad with tofu (sometimes I use tempeh also) but this can be made with chicken, I could even see this with steak as well or shrimp! The only difference would be making sure those meats are cooked all the way through before adding them to your salad. I chose tofu because I do not have to worry about it being under-cooked and I was rushing!


What you will need:

  1. Greens: I decided to have an arugula salad. arugula is such a tangy, fresh delicious green and oh so good for you. Containing protein, vitamin C, Vitamin K, and calcium, arugula is an amazing green to have for your lunch! I used about two cups of arugula in my salad.
  2. Raw Veggies: For my other non cooked toppings I decided to use some halved heirloom cherry tomatoes, and some avocado. Tomatoes are a lovely hydrating topping to a salad, their burst of flavor spices up any meal! Avocados are a great source of protein and have more potassium than bananas that are known for their potassium.
  3. Tofu (or a meat option): I chose tofu for my salad, it cooks very quickly and I do not have to worry about salmonella from raw meat. I also threw in red onion and zucchini with my tofu and grilled them on my Cast Iron Skillet with a little olive oil.
  4. Sriracha Sauce: I seasoned my tofu, onion and zucchini with my delicious sriracha sauce from trader joes. (click the link to find out where to get sriracha)




Lay your greens in an appropriate sized bowl. Put that aside. on a frying pan heat up a small amount of olive oil (less than a tablespoon) only on medium heat you don’t want to burn anything. I chopped my tofu into cubes, chopped my red onion and zucchini and tossed them on the pan, drizzled them with sriracha. While that was cooking I chopped my tomatoes, and cut my avocado. I placed my tomatoes and avocado on top of my greens in the bowl. Once my tofu and veggies were cooked lightly, I tossed them on top of my salad also and drizzled a little more sriracha on top. (have a glass of water handy though because boy does that sriracha have a KICK) Then, Enjoy!!


This salad didn’t even need any dressing, the veggies and sriracha were enough to make it flavorful and delicious. I love the spicy kick because eating this salad automatically makes me drink more water because of the spice. I cooked this up so quickly and it was so good! Give this salad a try! Let me know if you did something differently and what you thought? Thank you for following! -Alexa-